At Millers Chop Shop the Miller family has been building cars for three generations now.


The business was formed back in 1987 when Tom Miller opened Miller Custom Automotive. Today, the family live their lives around the hot rod lifestyle, building cars and being a part of the scene as much as possible. If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop on by and see what the guys are up to.


Millers Chop Shop is more than just a family business, it's a collection of like minded enthusiasts who believe that Hot Rods should be driven.

The "Hands Off" philosophy has never been a part of what real Hot Rodders would ever accept.


Each car that the Millers have ever built is still on the road today. The customers become more than friends, they become a part of the Millers Chop Shop family, and stay.


The cars are built with the belief that no car should ever have extra parts tacked on. Keep it functional, and keep it real. As each car is built, decisions are made as to the uniqueness of the project and the purposefulness of direction. Knowing when to stop is one of the most important skills that a builder must possess, and the Millers seem to do it right every time.


Working with steel is what Millers Chop Shop is all about. Knowing that the car they are building is actually a rescued part of history is part of what drives them. Finding the right car to start with is the first major hurdle that any builder starts with, and making sure that the style and direction of the build suits the spirit of the car is a key principal to hot rodding.


When you see a car with the Millers Chop Shop logo, your seeing a part of local history.



Millers Chop Shop

850 Watson Way

Sparks, NV 89431

775 674-2211

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